Temple University employees may receive their allergy injections at Employee Health Services.

Employee Health Services will also store your serum in our refrigerator, by request. You must hand-carry your serum to Employee Health Services along with written instructions from your allergist/family doctor. We cannot accept serum by mail.

You may find it helpful to send this letter to your allergist/family doctor (PDF); it explains what information we require in order to administer your allergy shots. We cannot administer allergy shots if we do not have complete instructions from your doctor.

  • At your first appointment, please bring your serum and directions from your allergist/family doctor. A nurse will review this information with you. 
  • The first dose from any vial must be given by your allergist/family doctor.
  • Expect to remain in our office for 30 minutes after any allergy shot so we can watch for potentially adverse reactions.