After reviewing the information below, which includes details about asymptomatic and symptomatic testing, please contact the COVID-19 Liaison (PDF) in your school, college or unit with any further questions. For general information on Temple's response to the pandemic, visit our dedicated COVID-19 community pages.

Recently, the university announced that it will begin dispensing COVID-19 vaccines in limited quantities to employees who meet city eligibility guidelines. Currently, Philadelphia is in Phase 2 for establishing who gets priority for the vaccines. Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Asymptomatic Testing Eligibility

Faculty and staff

Any faculty or staff member whose work includes routine in-person interaction with students is eligible to be tested twice per week. This work may include in-person instruction, providing direct student services or other duties that require in-person interaction for two days a week or more. Any faculty and staff member whose work is on campus but does not include routine in-person interaction as defined above is eligible for testing once a week.

Student workers

Students who work in campus facilities for two days or more per week will be required to obtain two tests a week. Student workers in roles that require work in campus facilities for only one day per week will be required to obtain a test once per week. These testing requirements are not in addition to testing arising from their activities as students; weekly testing required as a result of student and employee roles will not exceed twice a week for any individual. Learn more about the testing program for students. Student workers who are required to be tested as a result of their employment status will be notified by Student Health Services through the same email system that provides testing information to the general student population.

Asymptomatic Testing Sites

Employee Health Services has established a testing site primarily for university employees at the Paley Building on Main Campus. There are also testing sites that employees can use at Mitten Hall and the Student Center on Main Campus, as well as at the Health Sciences Center and Ambler Campus.

All testing is by appointment only, and only faculty and staff members who are eligible for testing as defined above should schedule testing appointments. Use the Health Services Patient Health Portal each week to register for your appointments. The schedule will open every Friday for the following week. It is recommended that you schedule testing on the same days that you come to campus for work, if appointment times are available. To help us keep campus de-densified, we strongly discourage making a special trip to campus solely for a testing appointment.

Symptomatic and Close Contact Testing

The testing center at Morgan Hall on Main Campus will continue to test those who have COVID-19 symptoms or have been identified by contact tracers as a close contact of someone who tested positive. Employees on campus who are experiencing symptoms should call Employee Health Services at 215-204-2679. If you are working remotely and develop symptoms or are identified as a close contact, please contact your primary care provider immediately and do not come to campus.

Public Health Pillars

As always, the four public health pillars—wearing a mask, washing your hands, keeping six feet of physical distance and monitoring your health—are the best ways to prevent yourself and the broader Temple community from contracting the virus. Please continue practicing these behaviors now and throughout the spring semester.

Again, if you have any questions, please contact the COVID-19 Liaison (PDF) in your school, college or unit.